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Gain Satisfying Youth Work Experience

Here comes 2022, and Connect Alloa is about to enter its third year as a charity. We are not only proud of our achievements in the past years but we are thriving and planning to expand when the time is right. There are new and exciting opportunities coming up. One of which is youth work. Working for young people is a highly rewarding and gratifying experience. Why not join our team and gain youth work experience?

To know more about youth work and what we do, read the account written by our Youth Worker Ivy.

To apply for the position of Trustee or Treasurer, by clicking on the link below.

Alternatively, if you’d like to find out more about volunteering with our youth groups directly, contact Dave at for an informal chat!


Sat in the office (pending coffee) on the first proper day back of Connect 2022 and Dave hits out

with ‘Ivy – Can you write a blog post about being part of Connect?’ and what did I say?

Far too optimistic and potentially not listening as much as I should have been. (Sorry Dave)

‘Yip – of course, I can, no problem at all!’

In hindsight, I have found one major problem with this – I don’t know how to write a blog post.

How do you even start one?

Is it a quick, cheesy one-liner?

Is it an inspirational quote?

Is it all reflection?

Well – I did some research and according to Pinterest, it is supposed to be one of those things, which one?… I will never know!

One thing I am 100% sure of though is I love my job and I can say that hand on heart, no doubts or hesitation because for the first time in my working career, it doesn’t feel like work – and you know what they say, ‘find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.’

It’s the little things that make it all worthwhile. I look forward to logging into my Connect emails, answer calls from Dave and Sanhita, and turning up to the group on a Friday night after a long week to find the young people waiting five minutes early (Some with smiles and some telling us we’re late!) I even look forward to going out to the container in the freezing cold and battling the spiders because it makes the young people laugh as I scream trying to escape from our eight-legged neighbours!

Anyone who knows me, or has heard me chatting about the group, knows that I am extremely passionate about youth work and is something that I hold very dear to my heart. I have been involved in youth work since I was 14, so I’ve just closed in on 10-years of advocating for safe, effective, inclusive and positive provision for young people (I feel old now but I wouldn’t change it for the world) I’ll be honest – I started with Connect as a volunteer back in September purely to lend a hand, build some new connections as my day-job crossed over nicely and use up some of my free time and within a week or so I was sold.

It quickly became the highlight of my week (Still is) It is very easy to see the impact that going along to Connect has on young people and it is nothing but positive – It’s a safe space for them to be themselves, make new friends and seek support if they need it! I am forever trying to get people to sign up to volunteer with us because it is truly a worthwhile and rewarding experience being at a group (youth nights), even if I spend some nights getting pelters for winning Monopoly. (It’s only happened once, but I hold on to that win)

Joking aside – I am so excited to see what 2022 has in store for Connect and the young people, the new logo has already kicked off the New Year with a bang so I am incredibly proud and blessed to be part of such an amazing charity.

So what are you waiting for?

Come, volunteer with us!

You categorically cannot put a price on the feeling you get when you leave the group for the night knowing that you have made a difference in a young person’s life, even if it is the smallest of differences, it’s priceless!

Anyway – I guess I’ve done Pinterest proud with the amount of cheese and reflection I’ve got going on!

I appreciate you!

– Ivy

Youth worker
- Ivy, Youth Worker at Connect Alloa

Join Our Trustee Committee!

Join our Trustee Committee!

Are you passionate about helping young people? Supporting the wider Clackmannanshire community? A team-player with lots of ideas? Get in touch!

We’re looking for new members to join our amazing Trustee Committee. We’re also specifically looking for someone interested in filling the Treasurer position.

What Does Being A Trustee Involve?

Being a Trustee is a voluntary role where you work with other members of our board to manage Connect Alloa. We are a local youth group, supporting young people and tackling social isolation and loneliness.

Throughout the week we host regular youth group sessions, where our young people can play games, get involved in fundraising challenges and just generally have a safe place to hang out and make friends.


  • Attending our monthly board meetings (Zoom)
  • Help direct and grow our organisation, setting goals/monitoring outcomes
  • Occasionally supporting with different tasks (funding applications, etc.)
  • Help oversee staff/volunteers

What We're Looking For

  • Positive, can-do attitude
  • Willingness to get involved
  • Strong communication skills/teamwork
  • Any experience with charities, youth work/education, etc.

We are open-minded and are really just looking for someone who wants to get involved with the team and can bring some varied experience to the role as well!

What Our Current Trustees Say

“I became the Secretary for Connect Alloa’s Board after an opening became available and enjoy working with like-minded people to help the charity.” – Courtney, Secretary. 

We live in a time where more and more young people are connected digitally, but ironically, where more and more young people feel disenfranchised and disconnected and lonely. Connect Alloa is a way to begin to address these challenges.” – Sang, Trustee.

“After five years of working with staff within a range of organisations as an external consultant, I was keen to have a more direct role in impacting on the services and experiences that young people were being offered, so in 2018 I joined the Connect Trustee Team. Driven by a passion for providing meaningful experiences, high quality service and great team support.” Joanna, Chairperson.

Contact Us!

Interested? Got some questions? Email our Project Leader, Dave Crozier at for more information.


Volunteering: Why you should do it!

Volunteering: Why you should do it!

Volunteering is a fantastic way to give back to your local community and support a cause you’re passionate about. From youth work to animal rights,  there’s plenty of different volunteer roles out there.

Here at Connect Alloa, we wouldn’t be able to provide our regular youth group sessions without the help of our amazing volunteers. Between organising fun activities, running sessions and engaging with the young people, they make Connect Alloa the welcoming and friendly group that we are.

It's good for you!

Volunteering also has a lot of personal benefits, such as allowing you to develop new skills, build your confidence and meet new people. Plus it looks great on your CV!

At Connect, our volunteers have been able to attend child protection training with Youth Scotland and obtain PVG checks. This not only helps us ensure the safety of the young people we work with, but also allows our volunteers to grow their confidence and gain experience in youth work and community engagement.

Volunteering is also good for your mental wellbeing! According to Bupa, some research indicates that volunteering can positively affect on your mental health and helps people feel more connected within their community. 

Youth Volunteering

If you’re aged between 12-25 and volunteer in Scotland, you are eligible to participate in the Saltire Awards scheme. This Scottish Government scheme awards certificates for different levels of voluntary commitment, from short projects to extended volunteer work. These certificates recognise youth volunteering and the positive impact it has on local communities and charities across Scotland.

If you are a young person who volunteers, you can find out more about the Saltire Awards over on their website!

Find out more!

Interested in volunteering with us? Email to find out more about getting involved with Connect Alloa. We are always happy to meet new people and chat about our group!

Not sure Connect Alloa is the right volunteer opportunity for you? Check out the volunteering page on the CTSI website for other volunteering roles within the Clackmannanshire area.

It’s also worth joining our Connected Clacks Facebook group to stay up to date with other local youth organisations and opportunities.